1. After a consultation with you about every detail of your home improvement project, NewGen Builder Inc. will require a residential permit according to city regulation. Our professional and friendly staff will be in contact to perform an inspection and record images. We will proceed once a certified inspector has provided project approval.

2. NewGen Builder Inc.  will contact you prior to initiating the project. We will discuss every detail about the project with you, from the selection of material colors for roof shingles, to the date the contractors will arrive. For major remodeling and renovation projects, it is important to cover valuables against dust and remove any hanging items or glass ornaments that could fall and topple because of shuddering from heavy equipment.

3 For projects requiring multiple professional services, an independent team of experts will be assigned for each part of the task. From siding to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, our tradesman will schedule a time and estimated project completion date before beginning the next phase of the project. You will be provided constant updates concerning the commencement of services.

4. The day of the project, our professional and friendly team will arrive with the necessary tools and equipment. We provide complete project cleanup at the end of the job.  

5. Please alert our staff about any remaining debris and potentially hazardous material after cleanup. You will receive the relevant information to settle the outstanding invoice.