INTERIOR Remodeling

NewGen Builder Inc.   offers complete interior remodeling services, from the design plan to the end of the construction process. With over 17 years experience in the industry, our services are second to none. We assist in transforming your ideas for a dream kitchen or beautiful bathroom into a reality. Regardless of the size of the project, we dedicate our precision approach to creating aesthetic, practical, and valuable spaces. An interior remodeling project is not a minor undertaking! It requires highly skilled builders who can assess foundations and structural supports, determine design practicality and an aesthetic that works for your lifestyle, office needs and budget. We can determine how to enhance living and working areas to fit with your ideas!

Trust our skills and experience to create modern and impressive spaces with a value-oriented approach.

What to Expect from Our Interior Remodeling Services

NewGen Builder Inc.  includes project management and supervision to ensure every stage of the project
is completed safely and according to plan.
General contracting and construction are delivered by a certified team of professionals.

Interior Remodeling Projects Include:

Property Assessments
We examine your property value and determine the tax amount that should be paid on this

Building Surveys
Building surveys involve a complete property inspection to evaluate its condition. It is provided for
property owners interested in the detailed construction and overall condition of purchased homes
and commercial buildings.

Architectural Plans
We create architectural floor plans for interior remodeling (3D Design Technology). The drawing is
scaled to represent the layout and connections between rooms or formal and informal spaces. We
include specific dimensions to reveal the size of rooms and property features. Foundation and roof
plans are included, depicting the levels and structure of the building.

Professional Interior Design
A certified team of Builder Inc.  manages the interior design process. We work with professional
architects to produce immaculate and contemporary interiors.

 NewGen Builder Inc.  incorporates 3 Dimensional technology. We aim to provide realistic depictions and plans to scale of what your interior remodeling design would look like. With a realistic visual of modifications, changes are made early in the design process saving time and money.  


Bathroom Remodeling:

Remodeling a dark and antiquated bathroom is simply a smart decision. Bathrooms should be prove
practical, easy to maintain and protect against mold and mildew with exposure to moisture. We offer
skilled technicians to secure plumbing, install baths, and ensure every feature is fully operational.

Bathroom Remodeling Services Include:

Kitchen Remodeling:

Trust NewGen Builder Inc. to bring your kitchen remodeling ideas to life.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. NewGen Builder Inc. is specializes in the design and execution of exquisite kitchens serving as a practical and aesthetic space. Did you know that a professional kitchen remodel could improve the value of your property by 60 to 80%? We help you through the entire design process, including the creation of a valuable budget.

A Breakdown of Budget (Percentages) Dedicated to a Valuable Kitchen Remodel:

Kitchen Remodeling Services Include:

Window Repair and Replacement:

Enhancing the appearance and the energy efficiency of your home is best achieved with a brand-new set of windows. New windows can instantly transform the exterior of the property while adding incredible resale value!
Let NewGen Builder Inc. help with removing and installing windows. We ensure quality products with an exceptional fit to prevent moisture collection, mold growth and wood rot. All window requirements are overseen by a highly professional window installation team. Our services include vinyl, wood and fiberglass replacement products.
Create energy efficiency in your home by replacing old windows. Our products include Ultra Shield technology to protect against UV light and maintain comfort through the summer and winter months.

Basement Remodeling:

Whether you need extra living space or wish to turn your house into an income property, we can handle all types of basement renovations. Creating functional interior space is not only valuable for your property but also produces practicality and a more comfortable home.
Basements are considered cold, unlivable and often unusable areas but with experienced builders, you can turn your basement nightmare into an appealing and inviting space! From kids’ playrooms to rental quarters, our basement designs are customized to meet your residential needs.

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