Exterior Remodeling

We specialize in roofing, deck & patio, siding and window installations and repairs.

NewGen Builder Inc.  offers valuable exterior remodeling services for the benefit of our loyal clients.

We do all the work so you can enjoy your exterior remodel and increased property value.

NewGen Builder Inc.  is your trusted service in exterior remodeling projects. We will ensure your property
not only looks great but includes the finest materials to stand the test of time. This combination will reduce overall maintenance, improve value and produce a modern design aesthetic. We have the experienced builders and the right equipment to get the job done the right way, the first time around!

What is an Exterior Remodeling Service?

Exterior building construction and improvements range from the installation of new roofs and siding to decks, patios and windows. Our professional solutions incorporate weather resistant installations that
give the outside of your property the highest standards of weather protection.


NewGen Contractors Offers the Following Exterior Remodeling Services:

Valuable Roofing

  • NewGen Builder Inc.  is experienced and certified in repairing and remodeling roofs.
  • We use GAF certified roofing shingles.
  • Our customers benefit from exceptional solutions and high quality in a range of modern designer tiles.
  • We recommend, and can provide, GAF shingles at the same or better price than laminate shingles.
  • These modern roofing shingles offer a multitude of designs, from textured and contemporary,
    to sleek and vintage.

Contemporary Siding

  • NewGen Builder Inc.  specializes in a variety of siding materials with the purpose of enhancing and protecting your home.
  • We provide stucco, vinyl and aluminum siding, among others.
  • Our siding solutions include improved insulation and moisture protection.
  • Expect property resale value improvements and a beautiful appeal.
  • Create an energy efficient property from the installation of well-insulated windows and siding.

Deck Design, Installation and Repair

  • NewGen Builder Inc.  delivers the enhancement of all types of decks.  
  • Certified craftsman design and execution of new deck plans.
  • We identify deck damages and deliver comprehensive repairs.  
  • We invest in weather guarded materials, functional and aesthetic decks.  

Window Installation and Repair

We offer a variety of window brands and styles with guaranteed quality.  

  • Certified construction and warranties.  
  • Wood, vinyl and aluminum window replacement.
  • Window fitment to improve indoor energy efficiency.

Our Construction Promise to Our Customers

From major renovations to transforming older homes into a modern masterpiece, NewGen Builder Inc.  offers clients the best warranties and remodeling solutions. You can rely on our team of dedicated experts to identify risks and always consider valuable modifications for our clients.
From new siding to insulate and protect, to designer shingles at economical prices, at NewGen Builder Inc., our priority is delivering the highest quality of service and final results to our customers, rather than exclusively focusing on financial gains.

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