We specialize in the construction of new houses including guaranteed workmanship and a high service standard. Our areas of specialization range from the complete remodel of....

INTERIOR remodeling

NewGen Builder Inc. offers interior remodeling from the design plan to the construction process. With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, our services are second to none.


We specialize in roofing, deck & patio, siding and window installations and repairs. NewGen Builder Inc. is your trusted service in exterior remodeling projects.


Have you ever driven by a building project with beautiful designer shingles? Have you ever wished you could have those shingles on your project, without the exorbitant cost?
NewGen Builder Inc. has you covered! Because of our connections in the industry and our track record of excellence, we are able to offer our customers premium designer shingles that are 2x the cost of laminated shingles. But when you build with us, you’ll get these designer shingles at the same price as the cheaper versions!

These shingles are provided through special order only, so contact us now to secure the best deal!

According to the manufacturers of these designer shingles, only 10% of homeowners in our state have them installed on their roofs. We’re changing this statistic—and you can be part of the change!

We install select GAF High Value Designer Shingles for the same price as traditional laminated shingles.
Contact us as soon as possible to get the best deal!

There’s no reason to use the cheapest, and least appealing, shingles when we can get you top-quality designer shingles. Even though designer shingles cost more, we are able to offer our customers a special deal you just won’t find anywhere else.

We do this because we value the quality of our finished work. We’re happy to offer you this special deal, because our focus is on quality craftsmanship and value that lasts—not on passing on higher costs to our customers.

We also have state-of-the-art imaging technology that enables you to create 3D imaging of your perfect house design. You can see what different colors and types of designer shingles and siding will look like, before you make your final choice. We won’t stop until we help you find the perfect combinations for the house of your dreams!


With advanced technology, future homeowners can see how the exterior of the house will look before the job is done.

Our industry has always been challenged with finding ways to show homeowners what their new roof will look like. The e360 tool affords us the opportunity to show you not only a 2D, but also a 3D, visualization of the entire home and allows the homeowner to ‘try out’ new colors and styles to see what creates the best curb appeal.

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